Every Cool Feature We Launched in 2019

We are dedicated to giving event teams more freedom to work on what matters by providing flexible & powerful event technology. We hope you are excited by the new features we've released over the past year to deliver on that promise.

1) Interactive Status Tracking Dashboards

This gives events one place to track the real-time status of all their groups and people through every step of the on-boarding process.

2) New Approval Dashboard

The Approval dashboard gives you one place to see everything you need to review & approve. Each approver now sees a total count of requests pending their review and a breakdown of their approval progress across the entire event.

3) Cross-Event CRM for Event Organizations

  • One place to centralize the most important info on your event stakeholders & vendors and their key contacts & crew members.
  • One-click access to any previous request, order, approval note, etc. Drastically reduces the time it takes to advance and manage new events.
  • Having instant access to the operational information for each group will improve your team’s customer service and response time, while reducing conflicts and solving operational problems much faster.
  • Sharing information between departments and making sure new team-members are up to speed has never been easier.

4) Event Cloning Tool

  • Allows you to spin up a new event or events in minutes.
  • Gives you more control (without having to be an IT wiz).
  • Allows you to have more operational consistency across every event you produce.
  • Becomes easier to transfer knowledge and best practices from year to year.

5) Powerful New Importing Tool

  • Importing Groups & Related Contacts
  • Allows Your Groups to Import their Personnel
  • Import custom operational records (Lodging, Transportation, etc)

6) Importing Requests & Orders

An upgrade to our previously released importer now allows you to quickly import spreadsheets of requests & orders into Lennd. It checks for existing group & people data so you don't have to deal with duplicates. 💪

7) Slack & Lennd Integration

Event notifications delivered where you work.

8) Quick-Setup Form Wizards

We created an easy-to-use Form Wizard so you can create any application, request or order form for your event in minutes. 💪

9) Credential & Pass Management Upgrades

  • Upgraded Email Confirmation Tools
  • Bulk Editing Tools
  • New Filters
  • Powerful New Views & Reports
  • Bonus: Improved Catering Dashboard

More about these updates

Find out more about our Credential Management Tools

10) Meal Management Upgrades

  • Collect and Approve Meal Requests
  • Manage Meal Allocations (by group or individual)
  • Access and Share Real-Time Reports (for your caterer)
  • Easily Manage Check-In (for each meal).

More about Meal Management

11) Redesigned Application Forms



  • Media Applications
  • Food Vendor Applications
  • Exhibitor Applications
  • Volunteer Applications
  • Artist Applications
  • Speaker Applications
  • Event Job Applications
  • Sponsor Interest Forms & more.

12) Department Workspaces

Dedicated Workspaces

A workspace provides quicker access to the information your managers need & only the data they need to see - for a particular type of group.

13) Quick Actions

We know how much of a pain it can be to learn a new product. So we put the most critical actions in one helpful dropdown accessible anywhere on the site.

14) Auto-Generated Documents & Self Setup Templates

We’re excited to announce that your documents can now be generated in bulk with the click of a button, dynamically merging in any data you need.

15) Custom Report Builder

A quick way to export the data you want into shareable and printable reports.
More Details

16) Eventbrite Integration

A self-set up integration to collect, approve and process credential & ticket requests.

Learn more about the integration

17) FrontGateTickets Integration

A complete access control solution that will free up your box office & credential teams to do what matters.

Learn more about FrontGateTickets + Lennd

18) Intellitix Integration

With Intellitix & Lennd - you get a robust & integrated access control system for event staff, vendors, talent, guests, and partners.

19) Vendor & Exhibitor Booth Sales

Among all the above updates built for the operations & logistics side of events - we also released a new feature focused on the Sales and Onboarding of Commercial Vendors & Exhibitors. If you have booth space that you sell at your event - this new tool could save you tons of time and keep your operational information in one system.

More about Vendor Registration

20) Oh! And this new Marketing Site to better explain how Lennd can help event teams.

Early 2020 Sneak Peak


🎉Think production & performance schedules, itineraries, timelines, transportation, site deliveries & more...

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If you're as excited about the speed of new product development as we are, and you are curious if Lennd is a good fit for your event organization - please reach out for a demo! We'd love to talk to you!

Happy Holidays!
- Lennd Team