Event Confidence Survey

We’re all in this together.

Event Confidence Survey

We’re all in this together.

The event world is filled with some of the most resilient, entrepreneurial individuals and companies on the planet. That spirit is embedded in our industry and our everyday life.

However, we are facing a level of uncertainty that we’ve never seen before. It’s hard to know which end is up. Now more than ever, we need to help each other through these turbulent times.

To that end, we have developed a simple, powerful survey to help event professionals like you understand the views of their peers and make better decisions, together.

Our hope is to administer this survey and analysis on a quarterly basis, in order to provide you with peer-to-peer insight and views of the event space that you can use as you readjust your plans and make new ones.

Who are we hoping will take this survey?
We’ve designed this survey for leaders in all areas of the event industry, from top to bottom.

What does the assessment measure?
The assessment is meant to create a confidence index of attitudes towards the space, now and in the future so that leaders in the event industry can adapt to the changing times and make  effective decisions that will help them survive and thrive. 

How long does it take?

It will only take you a few minutes.

Why do you ask for email?

We need your email address so we can track the results . We will never share your personal results with anyone other than you. You can read more about how we use and protect your data here.

How do I get the results?
We’ll publish the results quarterly and share them with you so you can pivot, plan, and adapt. As we find unique trends in the data we’d like to share that with you as well.

Deadline for Initial Results: July 15th

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