Guest Lists

Simplify the process and headache of managing ever-changing guest lists. Give every group their own unique website to manage their own guest list.

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Use Guest Lists to manage

Artist Guests

Accept applications from media outlets & manage the approval status.y

Sponsor Guests

Handle your talents credentialling needs carefully & securely.

Vendor Personnel

Collect requests for internally held ticket inventory & guest credentials.

Group Ticket & Credential Allocations

Handle your sponsors contracted credentials or ad-hoc requests.

Collecting Names Made Easy

Enable your groups to manage their own guest lists. You set the parameters, give your group a unique link and the rest is on them.

Groups can see their available passes, and can add and update names themselves. You no longer need to be involved in making every little change.

What the industry is saying...

Artist Relations Manager

When I’m on-site at an event, I'm typically on the phone all night dealing with guest list additions, changes & issues. Between the artist managers and the box office, someone is constantly blowing up my phone.

The first event that I used Lennd, I was blown away! I only got one call from the box office on opening night of the festival and it had nothing to do with guest lists. I had so much more time to focus on all the other aspects of my job. Lifesaver - seriously. I plan to use Lennd from here on out.

Festival Director

Little things make a big difference - the details matter. As the festival director, you’re ultimately responsible for everyone’s experience and festival goers are only a fraction of the equation.

Lennd provided us with a tool that not only created efficiencies freeing up my team to spend time on other pressing matters, but also enhanced the experience for our artist managers, artists and their guests.

Box Office Manager

Lennd's guest list manager is awesome. It’s literally saving our lives. Thank you. Seriously, it’s fantastic. We typically spend so much time in the box office dealing with upset guests who are supposed to be on the list, but aren’t for one reason or another.

The problem is that there are so many points of failure and opportunities for miscommunication in managing guest lists via spreadsheets, text messages, and the like. Lennd takes all the guesswork out of the equation.

Tour Manager

Why aren’t we using this guest list manager at every event?

It’s makes everything so easy! I’m literally standing backstage and able to quickly add names to the list from my phone. Beautiful. I’ll forever be disappointed from here on out when we’re playing an event that's managing guest lists any other way.
Newport FolkOutside LandsGovernors BallLife is BeautifulMonterey Jazz

How it works:

Add your groups & pass limits

Choose the available passes and amounts for each group

Share links with Group Managers

Copy & paste your guest list links or send from Lennd.

Collect Names & Track Progress

Dashboards help you keep a pulse on your guest list process
See how easy it is

Manage & Review

See everything you need to see at a glance - review and approve additional requests, make updates, and send notifications straight from your Guest List dashboard.

Allocate Passes & Credentials
Set Limits
Manage Due Dates
View Progress
Review & Approve Requests
Send Reminders

Dashboard &
Real-Time Reports

Keeping your team in the loop just got easier. Lennd provides you with real-time data making it simple for you to see what’s going on and what needs your attention. Slice and dice your data however you want.

Reports by:


Build order forms for: Internal Tickets, Guest Passes, Donation Tickets.


Many events have a charitable arm to their large event. Now LENND.

Pass Type

Build order forms for: Internal Tickets, Guest Passes, Donation Tickets.

Pass Inventory

View summary stats on each credential to make better decisions.

Automated Emails

Send automated email communications triggered by actions you define. Keep your participants up-to-date, but without the manual emails. Set it once and forget about it. Let Lennd do the heavy lifting for you.

Approval Status Emails

Send automatic or manual emails on approval or rejection of a request or order.

Create & Save Email Templates

Save common emails as templates & send them out in bulk as needed. Include your event logo/branding for consistency.

Merge Tags for Custom Data

Dynamically add content to your emails to save hours of time communicating with groups & contacts.

Simple Check-In

Managing credential pick-up has never been faster. Whether you’re using Lennd’s check-in app or one of our ticketing partner integrations, updates are instant. No more frustrated guests waiting at the box office.

Quick Search & Lookup

Check-In & Fulfill

Eventbrite Integration

Frontgate Integration


Intellitex Integration


Gingerbread Shed Integration

Everything you need, all in one place

Dashboards & Reporting

Account & Contact Management (CRM)

User Management


Integration Partners

Notifications & Reminders

Industry Standard Security

2048/4096 Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption

"More Than Daily" Data Backups

Every 5 hours a snapshot of your data is saved in case of any loss of information.

Data Traffic Encryption

Encrypting traffic with SSL ensures nobody can snoop on your users' data
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I limit the number of credentials that a group can assign names to?
    Yes! Setting the allocation of passes for a group effectively sets the "limit" that group can assign to guests. That limit will immediatelyshow up on their guest list portal.
  • Can I set specific pass and credential types based on what’s contracted?
    Yes! The allocation process allows you to choose specific pass types to make available for each group.
  • Do people have to log in to add names to their guest list?
    No. The primary way to collect names is through a unique link for each group that can be shared with the groups manager and/or other team-members. This gives the group the flexibility to share the guest list link however they see fit, no login required.
  • How do I share the guest list manager with my groups?
    There are a few ways. You can copy the unique link for each group and share it with them personally. Or, you can send out an email from Lennd to each group with a custom message and each of their unique guest list links included.
  • Can I add guest list names on behalf of a group if necessary?
    Definitely. If you or someone on your team has the appropriate permissions, you can add the names directly to the people section on their group's account profile in LENND.