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Keep your customers on the cutting edge with event solutions they need to streamline operations and stay ahead of the curve.

Why live event technology leaders work with Lennd

Lennd helps your clients run smoother, safer and more profitable events
Lennd saves your clients valuable times and resources by eliminating multiple systems with one integrated platform 
Lennd is the most user-friendly event platform on the market, with modern and intuitive tools that event teams need to scale 
Lennd’s platform gives you the power of focus. Our ability to focus on one aspect of the event experience allows us to innovate at a pace that will wow our mutual clients.
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Hear what our amazing customers say

"Lennd dramatically improves our staff’s efficiency as it relates to activation, data management and communication surrounding speakers, sponsors and vendors."

Conference USA

"It was the smoothest experience we’ve ever had. One indication of success is how much or how little I have to troubleshoot the database while on-site, as well as how much my team or other vendors complain about the system we’re using."

The Governor’s Ball

"Lennd allows us to plan better, create more clarity around requests, communicate more effectively and reduce data entry and duplication of work."

Ottawa Bluesfest

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