🎉 Product Updates

Feb 2020

Schedules (Version 1)
Now you can create, manage and roll-up any schedule to a master schedule, add activities, collect schedules from any group, communicate changes to a schedule in real-time, highlight key activities and schedule items on any group portal and much more.

Portal Customization
The portal is more intuitive with customizable section names, welcome messages and instructions for each section. You can re-align the navigation and completely control what each type of group can see and do.

Intake Form
The intake form grants users access to the portal and cuts down your on-boarding time. Ideal for media applications where you want to add a terms & conditions section, ask custom questions for the group and of the primary contact.

New first step when creating an order
The goal was to make the creation of any order faster and easier, so we now allow you to select a person/group first and then create your order. 

Editable Fields
Our goal was to edits and updates faster and easier. So we added the ability to edit field values on Dashboard and Schedule.

Other Notable Enhancements

  • Performance updates to Dashboard, Item Management, and Schedule tables.
  • Adding people to the portal is now mobile friendly.
  • Alphabetize people's names in the Portal. 
  • Send/export item summaries from profile, groups, or people dashboards. An item summary details what requests have been approved and denied.
  • Add attachments such as contracts, waivers, day sheets, and maps to emails and email templates.
  • Passes can now be printed from Lennd.