Asset & Equipment Management

An easy and cost effective solution to manage all of your asset & equipment requests & orders for your event.

Manage all types of assets & equipment

Golf Carts & Vehicles

Heavy Equipment & Tools

Radios & Accessories

Tables, Chairs & Furniture

Office Supplies & More

Centralize Asset Requests & Ordering

Collect and track the equipment and assets your departments & vendors need to build out your event.
Production Vendors
Internal Departments
Artists & Talent
Food & Craft Vendors
And More...

Collect Requests & Orders

A user friendly & completely customizable way to create an asset request & order form.

Custom Branded Forms
Set Form Close Dates
Multiple Entry Mode
Set Request Limits
Personalized Confirmations
Insert Asset Photos

Easily Manage &
Review Orders

As Equipment & Asset managers, you need tools that make reviewing and approving orders & requests fast and easy. We’ve got you covered.

Real-Time Reports
Quick Filters & Grouping
Track Internal Notes
Custom Approvals
Easy Exporting
Bulk Changes
Integrated Communication
Robust Search

Dashboard &
Real-Time Reports

Accessing real-time reports is a critical step in reducing on-site discrepancies and saving you and your team time and money.

View Reports by:
Asset & Inventory Type
Approval Status


Send custom email communication regarding order status, asset details, pick-up and on-site instructions and more.

Order Status Emails
Custom Email Messaging
Merge Tags for Personalized Emails
Save & Re-use Email Templates

Simple Asset & Equipment Catalog

One place to track all the equipment and asset options you want to make available to your event teams & working groups.

Add custom details to each item
Add a photo to each asset
Connect catalog items to form
View all requests related to each item

Everything you need, all in one place

Dashboards & Reporting
Catering & Meal Management
Team Communication
Account & Contact Management (CRM)
User Management
File Storage & Organization
Ticketing & RFID Integrations
Notifications & Reminders
Industry Standard Security
2048/4096 Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption
"More Than Daily" Backups
Every 5 hours a snapshot of your data is saved in case of any loss of information.
Data Traffic Encryption
Encrypting traffic with SSL ensures nobody can snoop on your users' data

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of pass & credential types that can be managed for each event?

Nope, you have full flexibility to create as many pass types as you need to manage your event's access control.

Can this integrate with my ticketing or access control provider?

Yes & Maybe! We've already rolled out four integrations with the most popular ticketing & access control providers. If you feel you have a good use case for another integration - feel free to let us know & we're happy to explore what it would take with you & your provider.

Am I limited to only using forms to collect requests?

Not at all. We have a handful of ways for you to intake requests & assign credentials. Forms are the simplest way for many events - but you can use the Event Portal to collect known personnel credential needs, the Guest List Manager to collect names on allocated credentials, and even manually import a spreadsheet of requests.

Is the system built to handle thousands of requests & orders without slowing down?

Absolutely. We architected the latest version of our pass management tool to scale to the largest events in the world. Built on a scaleable AWS cloud based system, your events will remain fast & snappy from a few records - to hundreds of thousands.

Can I limit the number of credentials that a group gets?

Yes! Setting the allocation of passes for a group effectively sets the "limit" that group can assign to guests. That limit will immediately show up on their guest list portal.

Can I allocate specific pass & credential types?

Yes! The allocation process allows you to choose specific pass types & quantities to reserve for each group.

Can I manage my Artist Guest Lists & Sponsor Allocations through Lennd?

Yes! With Lennd's Allocations & Guest List Manager functionality - you can finally clean up your inboxes of all those last minute guest list changes. Set pass & ticket limits for each group - give them a unique link - and let them manage changes. Learn More

Can we manage parking passes with Lennd as well?

Definitely. With the ability to set date-based variants on your pass types in Lennd - you can have robust reporting on your parking limits on a daily basis.

"There is nothing more important than access control and the only way to have real control is through a legitimate and fool proof accreditation system. Access control starts with a secure perimeter and if you’re lucky enough to have a secure perimeter, you need to have a very organized way in which to advance, enter and distribute your credentials. Spreadsheets, google forms, old databases and legacy software aren’t cutting it any longer.”

Chad Ladov


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