We asked our customers why they switched to Lennd. Here's what they had to say:

P.S. It's Lennd, as in: "We Lennd a hand with your event"

Governors Ball NYC

JENNIFER STILES, Festival Director
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Farmers Insurance Open

NICK SCHLING, Director of Operations
Read why Farmers Insurance Open switched

RBC Ottawa Bluesfest

MARK MONAHAN, Festival Director
Read why Ottawa Bluesfest switched

Roots N Blues N BBQ

TRACY LANE, Festival Director
Read why Roots N Blues N BBQ switched


“We’re always looking for ways to enhance operational efficiencies. We chose Lennd to help us centralize and improve internal communication and simplify our process with vendors, artists, sponsors, media and partners. Beyond their offering, Lennd’s been a great partner in supporting our needs and helping us make the most out of the platform’s capabilities."
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Kilowatt Events

ANTHONY DITTMANN, Co-Founder & President
“We really like the dynamic and malleable nature of the Lennd platform. The options are really what any event could possibly need to be more efficient. We operate several different categories of events in size and style, so we needed something that was user friendly for the variety of clients that we cater to. We needed something that can support a large operation and quickly transition to streamline a smaller event without much effort."
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Malibu Chili Cook-Off

ANTHONY DITTMANN, Co-Founder & President
"Lennd will save us time. The exciting thing about that, is it will allow us to be better operators. Lennd gives us the ability to focus on other segments of the business that will permit us to make our events more transformative for the guests. In today’s world where we are buried in technology, people need events to break away and become human again and we want to foster that. It’s ironic that this technology will allow us to execute that mission for the world."
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Oktoberfest Brisbane

BORIS ZOULEK, Festival Director
"We have been researching festival management systems for some time. Lennd really stood out because we can customize our workflows to manage very specific information and still have all of the data connected to the rest of the platform."
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Townsquare Media

Read why Townsquare switched

BeachLife Festival

JAKE PIKE, Festival Director
Read why BeachLife switched

Riot Fest

JENNIFER MOERS, Box Office Manager
Read why Riot Fest switched

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