How the Professional Triathletes Organisation leveraged Lennd to host a virtual media experience for the PTO Championship

About the Professional Triathletes Organisation

The Professional Triathletes Organisation is a not-for-profit entity consisting of non-drafting professional triathletes who have come together to promote and contribute to the triathlon community and celebrate the sport. It is modeled on the PGA/LGPA organizations in golf or the ATP/WTA organizations in tennis.

The Challenge

‍With global travel restrictions limiting the attendance of on-site media due to COVID-19, the PTO needed a solution that allowed global media a way to effectively cover the PTO 2020 Championship.

Why Lennd

"We had heard about the success the PGA, USGA and others had with the system and we wanted a proven tool and team that would help us achieve our goals and objectives."
- Jamie Dellimore, Marketing Communications Executive, PTO


  • Provide a one-stop shop for credentialed media to cover the championship from afar
  • Provide a seamless, enjoyable experience for media covering the championship virtually
  • Provide as many tools as they are used to receiving onsite
  • Provide media organizations a way to easily find assets and information needed in order to maximize coverage
  • Broaden our reach by accommodating remote coverage
  • Leverage a platform that allows us to accentuate our brand standards


The PTO team turned to Lennd to deliver a state-of-the-art virtual media experience.


Using the Lennd platform, the PTO team was able to accomplish:
  • Managing media applicants and the administrative workflow from application to approval to registration, was very seamless.
  • Easily contact media members en masse without having to use an automated emailing system like Mailchimp
  • Being able to centralize all media assets and resources, which significantly reduced the number of emails/queries the team would normally have to field
  • Being able to host and broadcast live press conferences and host interviews on the platform