The operating system for the modern event team.

We are currently working with some of our favorite event production companies around the globe. Get a demo to see if LENND is right for your event.

Built with and loved by the best production companies
We help you collect, organize, report and deliver the most important information at the right times. 

Advancing & Forms: Easier

Managing requests and approvals (Assets, Credentials, Catering, Artists, Transportation, Comp Tickets, Housing, etc.) has never been easier.


Credential Management: Better

Remove the manual labor that goes along with the credential process. We automatically organize the data for you.

Assets & Inventory: Faster

Managing your asset requests, orders, levels and allocation is now even faster. Your quartermasters new best friend.

schedules_tasks_new-min (1).png

Schedules & Tasks: All In One

Managing events, means managing different schedules and types. We've integrated exactly what you need (Production view, Calendar View, Tasks and more).


I don't see why every production team won't want to work with you. They'd be stupid not to. ”

Taylor Gustafson, KAABOO

Event Operations Customized For You


Dashboards & Reporting


Notifications & Reminders


Vendor Management


Team Communication


Catering Management


File Storage & Organization




Integration Partners

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