How the USGA used Lennd to Launch a State-of-the-Art Virtual Media Hub for the US Open

About the U.S. Open

The United States Open Championship, commonly known as the U.S. Open, is the annual open national championship of golf in the United States. It is the third of the four major championships in golf, and is on the official schedule of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

The Challenge

With COVID-19 significantly limiting the quantity of on-site personnel, the USGA needed a way to easily vet, onboard, and provide approved media members across the globe a way to efficiently and effectively cover the week-long Major Championship.

U.S. Open Objectives

  • To provide a one-stop shop for credentialed media to cover the championship from afar.
  • To provide a seamless, enjoyable experience for media covering the championship virtually
  • Provide as many of the tools they are used to receiving onsite
  • Broaden their reach by accommodating remote coverage
  • Improve the experience for on-site media.


The USGA Turned to Lennd to deliver a Virtual Media Experience


The goal of the Media Hub was to be a one-stop shop where it was simple and straightforward for the USGA staff to:
  • Review and react to media applications
  • Credential approved media for either on-site or virtual access
And to allow media outlets to:
  • Apply for access
  • Follow the Live Interview Schedule
  • Join press conferences
  • Request interviews with specific players
  • Watch interview replays
  • Access transcripts from player interviews
  • Receive real-time alerts & reminders via email or text
  • Access a real-time feed of competition replay videos (that is searchable by player)
  • Access critical USGA resources including Groupings & Tee Times, Practice Round & Driving Range feeds, Player & Media Guides, Hole Locations, Rules Assignments, Fact Sheets, Travel Assets, Logos, Weather, course stats, photos, B-Roll, and more

Results & Stats

The Virtual Media Hub was a one-stop shop where it was simple and straightforward for media to more efficiently cover the event (whether they were on-site or remote).
  • 43 Media Personnel and Photographers On-site
  • 788 Media Hub Users across 28 different countries
  • 222 Media Hub Users Added the week of the U.S. Open
  • 80 Virtual Interviews / Cisco Webex Press Conferences
  • 150 Player Interview Requests
  • 80 Interview Replays
  • 51 Published Alerts
  • 111 Transcripts
Photo: On-site members of the USGA team refer to the Media Hub to see what interviews are coming up.

Dive Deeper

Contributing Services

  • USGA: Direction, Strategy and Operations
  • Lennd: Virtual Media Hub, Credentialing, Real-Time News & Alerts, SMS Notifications, Reminders & General Communication
  • NBCUniversal: Live stream of coverage (Embedded in Lennd Media Hub)
  • WSC-Sports: AI Video analysis system (Integrated with Lennd Media Hub)
  • Intercom: Interview Requests, General media questions & support (Embedded in Lennd Media Hub)
  • Safari Solutions: On-site network administration and tech support
  • ASAP Sports: Interview Transcripts (Linked from Lennd Media Hub)
  • Wave Corp: Storing Videos, Interviews & Photos (Linked from Lennd Media Hub)
  • Cisco Webex: Conferencing Solution (Linked from Lennd Media Hub)
  • Total Tournament Solutions: On-site audio & visual, player interview production