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Online events, without limits

Webinars, conferences, trade shows, fundraisers, workshops, celebrations, networking—and everything in between. Lennd’s virtual studio is designed to support community-driven experiences of all shapes and sizes.

Build authentic experiences with clicks, not code

Create beautiful online events unique to your brand and your community—no designer necessary. Our easy-to-use builder makes setting up and customizing your event a breeze.

Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue (for good)

Craving something other than zoom? Your community is too. With our suite of tools designed with engagement at the core, you’ll create unforgettable experiences that keep attendees coming back.

Quickly craft one-of-a-kind virtual experiences that foster community, engagement and growth

  • Exceed your attendee’s expectations with unique and interactive online experiences true to your brand
  • Simplified event creation and management tools save time so you can focus on what matters most—your community
  • Built-in tools to expand your reach and market your events to global audiences, in a matter of minutes

Turn once glassy-eyed event goers into your most active and engaged attendees

  • Industry-leading communication tools to combat zoom fatigue and maximize engagement from end-to-end
  • With interactive networking, intimate breakout rooms, Q&As and user polls, you’ll nurture once passive event goers into your most active participants
  • Access robust data-driven insights help you spot new trends and opportunities to engage and delight every attendee—pre, during and post event

Grow smarter. A one-stop-shop that scales with you to power any event type

  • Seamlessly move from the virtual events world to hybrid, and in-person events all within one system (and eliminate the operational agony that comes along with it)
  • Lennd isn’t just a video tool, but a powerful CRM with built-in functionality to help you drive more value from every attendee
  • When you create a virtual experience with Lennd, you get top-of-the-line support and dependable resources to help you succeed.

Lennd for Non-Profits

Why Non-Profits Choose Lennd

  • Low cost, high reach events to quickly activate your community—from anywhere
  • Built-in tools to boost donor retention efforts and drive higher donations—pre, during and post event
  • Curate unique, VIP experiences for your most active and engaged donors
  • Expand your reach to new communities and make your cause more accessible for new supporters
"The Lennd platform provides another layer to integrate and provide real time feedback & interaction. The application uses are limitless and will keep evolving as people's behaviors and usage change."
Mark Sperling
Executive Producer, ASC
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Don't just take our word for it

“It is incredible to have a partner that is constantly evolving. The pace of enhancements and platform improvements the Lennd team made and is making is incredibly refreshing and helpful. I’m excited to see what’s next.”

Keith Williams
Concept Creator, CrankedUP

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try out the software?

Yes - use the “get started free” button on our homepage and take Lennd Virtual for a test spin!

Can I broadcast to other platforms from Lennd?

Yes! Using RTMP feeds you can broadcast to any other major platform (Youtube, Facebook Live, etc.).

Can I record my event?

Recording is built into the application, allowing you to toggle it on our off for each stage and room that you create.  Recordings can also be accessed by attendees if you choose, so they can catch up on content they missed.   Bonus tip: Download your recordings to create great content post event for your attendees.

How do I invite people to my event?

Use the built in RSVP or ticketing system to invite your contact list and users to your event.  Bonus: Attendees can register once RSVP’d to collect any information you may need for your CRM or reports.

I have multiple events, do I need a new account for each?

You can host multiple events under your single organization. Bonus: Use the CRM to keep track of attendees from all of your events.

Is your pricing per event or per month?

See our pricing page here. Pricing is by month or pay annually for a discount.

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